Monday, November 21, 2016

Just Can't Leave the Water!

In my recent artist talk at Tyler Art Gallery @ Oswego State Downtown I mentioned how living near the water has influenced my paintings. That influence comes through in my other work as well. The colors, the images all make their way into the more abstracted pieces I do in silk and in glass.

The wall hanging on silk has our iconic little island against a tie-dye background bordered by blue fabric. Ornamental buttons made from polymer clay in shades of blue, green and white anchor the corners with shimmering beads (sunlight on the water???) coming from their centers. 

The 2 glass plates are part of my "Land Between the Water" series. I can identify with those each summer as I go between home, Grass Lake and The River. 

So even here at home with the snow swirling around outside, I am back at the lake.