Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Painting Leaves--Again

"September", watercolor

 Time to Paint the Leaves--Again

Each year at this time I find myself painting leaves and wondering why I am so drawn to this subject. What is it that compels me to capture them on canvas or on paper. Even as I look around my house and notice that leaves seem to be integrated into my decor, I still question why I want to paint them every year. Well obviously I really like leaves. 

But is there another reason why I year after year I paint the leaves? Aside from their interesting shapes and glorious fall colors is there another reason why?

"Falling Leaves" watercolor

"Fall Fantasy" hand-painted silk

In much of my artwork, landscape paintings in particular,  I am intrigued by transitions. Night to dawn, daylight to twilight and eventually sunset. The lighting and atmospheric changes at these transition times have been dominating themes in my recent work.

"Up with the Birds" watercolor

Seasonal transitions, especially the transition from fall to winter have also been themes in my paintings. I love those last colorful gasps of fall before the quiet solemnity of winter. And I remember how just a few months ago those leaves were young and green. Now they are ready to fall to the ground and become part of the earth.

"Falling" watercolor 

The Last Transition

And then there is always the last transition--from life to death. For me leaves represent that transition   as they turn colors, then fall to the ground and slowly decay leaving a delicate network of lines to hold together the last little bits of leaf. 

Painting the leaves is just another way to remind myself of how fragile this life is, and sometimes how short it can be. Painting the leaves is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. We are here for a while and then fade away and become part of the earth. 

But even in that transition there is a beauty. Just like the leaves, a delicate network of lines holds us together until the final release.

"Leaving" pencil

But until that time I'll just keep painting the leaves! 

"Fall Leaves" food coloring (yup!) and metallic paint

Monday, September 10, 2018

From Windy Hill Studio North!


One month from now I'll be back in Lewes, Delaware till next summer. It's been great spending the summer at camp here in the North Country. 
In preparation for moving I need to start pulling my artwork out of the galleries here so---You will not find my work at River Muse in Clayton until next Spring/Summer. A big thank you to all who stopped by the gallery and bought art from this talented group of local artists and artisans. 
My artwork will still be available at Bay House Artisans in Alexandria Bay till the first week in October. Original paintings, prints, cards and the latest Fall Scarves (leaf patterns) will be in the shop till just before I leave for Lewes. Bay House is another fabulous collection of local artists and artisans. We sure do have a lot of talent in the North Country! 

And as always you can find my artwork on my website
Joan Applebaum's Windy Hill Studio
Look for me on FB and on Instagram at joan.applebaum