Friday, April 9, 2010

Finishing the pastel

This is for my pastel class at the Y. We had our last class for this session on Wednesday April 7 and I promised I would finish the picture, so here it is.

When we left class on Wednesday a few areas needed to be completed and others altered so that color temperatures were all in coordination. The lower right hand corner was still in the under-painted stages, the boat needed some work and vegetation needed to be added around the boat.

In the finished piece I have added vegetation, de-emphasized the oars, by making them the same color as the boat and warmed up the color of the boat a bit by adding a touch of orange. The water has been brightened up by adding a few strokes of a brighter and blue-er blue to balance the blue of the boat.
I am not sure yet if this is totally finished; it needs to sit for a few days and then I will look at it again with a fresh eye so to speak and perhaps make more changes.

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