Sunday, January 23, 2011

For my Painting Class; paintng in progress part 2

After bringing the painting home I began to work on refining the edges of the pottery, adding highlights where needed and finishing the top of the one piece of pottery (the piece lying at an angle in front of the red mug). I added the shadows behind the pottery and also some shadows around their bottoms. I had underpainted most of the shawl with a purple/magenta color and let it show through in a few areas. Because I liked the effect of the purple/magenta showing through I added a bit more of it in a couple of places on the shawl and in the shadows around the pottery. Using color in this way helps to unify my composition. I haven't started working on the spoon yet, that will be the next thing I do.
The orange table legs were meant to lead the eye up to the focal point, but because they were so long, they were a distraction and took emphasis away from the focal point. I added some dark shadows which toned down the orange table legs and brought emphasis back up to the still life.
The pattern on the shawl will probably stay as is, creating a colorful backdrop which enhances the overall feeling of the still life (kind of Southwestern, I guess) and does not distract from the focal point.

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