Friday, November 11, 2011

To Honor the Veteran

When I painted this in 2008 I had two intentions: to honor the Veterans and to capture the excitement of a parade through color and the illusion of movement. I was thinking of my Dad, uncles and other WWII Vets; the Greatest Generation. They were really the only Vets I knew. Not too many of my generation felt the call to serve. Fast forward now to 2011 and I have two sons in the Military; one in the Marines and one in the Army.I could never have guessed back in 2008 that we would become a Military family.On Veterans Day we fly the Army, Marines and US Flags!(and by the way they are surrounded by the Halloween pumpkins and scarecrows still on the front porch).
The painting itself is based on a photograph of the Veterans Day Parade in Syracuse. Two ladder trucks (but only one is visible in the painting) from the Syracuse Fire Department hold up an enormous American Flag which hangs over Salina St. High school marching bands pass by, in the background the Gridley Building and the old Syracuse Savings Bank Building.

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