Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hungry Anyone?

I'm taking a little break from landscapes and working on a series of BIG FOOD paintings. I am using the paintings as demos for my Acrylics class which meets on Monday night at the Y Arts Studio. Boredom with the usual still life types of objects led me to the Produce aisles at Wegmans and Tops to look for food that was "good enough to eat...I mean paint". Although the canvas board is only 11 x 14, I decided to paint these objects in a larger than life size, as if bursting out of the frame. I am also trying to do a lot of the painting during the class, when I am not teaching or helping students. This forces me to paint faster and looser, with more lush brush work. Finishing touches are added at home in my studio.

And the best part is, that I do get to eat the food when I am done with the painting!

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