Thursday, October 29, 2015

Painting is for the Birds!


Christmas "Card"

Last week I found myself returning to a familiar theme. Cardinals in a winter landscape. I have painted a grouping of cardinals sitting on a branch last year.  I love the contrast of their brilliant plumage against the somber winter sky.

Both paintings are watercolors in which I used crumpled cellophane layered over wet paint to create an abstract background. In this case I wanted the look of snowy branches crisscrossing against the sky. The paint was allowed to pool around the folds and creases, so that when the cellophane was removed there was a network of lines and shapes to work from.

Using those lines and shapes I added depth to the paintings by darkening some areas and keeping other areas untouched. The contrast of the dark and light and push/pull of warm and cool colors created the illusion of depth. The brilliantly colored cardinals stand out nicely against the cool winter sky.

And Now What????

Twosome is already matted and framed and in a couple off weeks (unless it sells) headed to the Associated Artist show "Off the Wall" at the Manlius Library. 

Gift Fair at Natur-Tyme

Twosome and Christmas "Card" will both be available as greeting cards and prints at the Holiday Gift Fair at Nature-Tyme Dec. 4, noon - 7:00 pm.   Address: 3160 Erie Blvd. East, Dewitt

Maybe I will see you there!

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