Monday, February 1, 2016

In Celebration of the Ever Changing Color Palette of our Upstate New York Landscape.


I recently had a slightly smaller version of this show on display at Auburn Unitarian Universalist Society. A couple of the pieces sold, and I've added a few more to fit the larger exhibit space at Fayetteville Library. That show will continue through the month of February.

In March a select part of this show will move to The Oaks at Menorah Park. Many of the residents at The Oaks don't get out much anymore. I hope this show will remind them of time they spent enjoying our beautiful Upstate New York Landscape.

Nearly all of my work is a celebration of color and light and landscape is my preferred subject matter.
I hope you will have a chance to see the show either in Fayetteville or at The Oaks.



Celebrating the ever changing color palette of our landscape in Upstate New York. Acrylics, watercolors and silk dyes.

If you are a painter, painting the seasons just seems like a natural thing to do in Upstate New York. Living here we are greeted with an ever-changing palette of colors as the seasons shift.

The year begins with wispy whites shimmering in the pale winter sun. Spring brings us delicate green tendrils curling up from the ground. At last! 

Summer is glorious and filled with color. Flowers, fruits, blue skies and sunny days! Ah, we wish that it could last forever! Fall is glorious too as trees show off their “Sunday best”, their color rivaled only by the brilliant orange pumpkins. 

And then the sky grows heavy and leaden, and the bare silhouettes of trees settle in for their long winter nap. 

And the cycle begins again.

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