Thursday, October 5, 2017

Looking for a Title for this Moody Painting!

Today's image, as yet untitled, is an experimental piece that I started a few weeks ago in my demo for the North Syracuse Art Guild. 

I have been using these small paintings as warm-ups for my Adding Atmosphere to Your Paintings Workshops and Classes. (I'm also using this method with my Intro Classes at the Eye Studio).
We start with diagonal strokes in moody Payne's Gray mixed with assorted blues and greens, add a touch of yellow ochre and a sun/moon on sloppy wet paper and just let it all flow. After the paint dries we look for inspiration in the shapes left behind. 
I've completed several of these pieces with landscape elements. This time I thought I would go for something a little different and added the stone walls leading into an ambiguous and somewhat spooky area. 
If anyone can think of a good title I'm open for suggestions.



"Falling Snow, Rising Moon"

I've included some of the other paintings that started in this same way with diagonal strokes and moody colors over a wet surface.                                                                                                    

As you can see this method can take you in many different directions as you finish the piece.

In the painting "Sentry" I just added one of our herons from the lake and a suggestion of some sort of landform. "Falling" was finished after reading one of Rachael Ikins poems, and "Falling Snow, Rising Moon" became our holiday card image last year.

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