Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watercolor Demo at Eve Galleria

Well it's time to get the watercolor brushes out again! I am scheduled to demonstrate watercolors at Eve Galleria's Winter Taste of the Arts event coming up February 24 and 25. The schedule for the two days is still up in the air, so I don't know exactly which day (maybe both!!!) that I will be demonstrating. But I do know that it will be watercolor and probably somewhat experimental. will be interactive. That's right, everyone can participate and bring home a small watercolor.

When the schedule is set, I will send out another announcement, which will include the time I am demo-ing and directions to Eve Galleria, which is in Collamer. I will also have some of my paintings (watercolor and acrylic) for sale as well as a few of the velvet embossed scarves (you can see them on my website )
Pictured here is a watercolor in nice warm colors to help cast away those dreary winter blues.

Hope to see you all at Eve Galleria's Winter Taste of the Arts!

PS the food at Eve Galleria is fabulous!

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