Friday, March 1, 2013

On the Eagle Marsh Trail

This painting is based on some photos taken on a winter hike with the Indian River Lakes Conservancy in January 2012. I began the painting a few weeks after the hike intending to use it as a demo for my Acrylic Painting class at the Y last winter. I never really finished the piece and it kept getting moved farther and farther back into my storage space in the studio. Finally one day I pulled it out of the storage space. By then it was winter again, and I was again teaching acrylics, so I figured it was time to finish the painting, especially when I realized that I had already gone on the 2013 Winter Hike with the Conservancy. High time to finish that painting from 2012 and starts this year's scene! I just framed the painting yesterday with a nice dark brown frame which really brings out the color of the trees in the foreground. And incidentally, those trees have very little actual brown in them; they are mostly combinations of several colors which "read" as brown.

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