Friday, May 2, 2014

An Interesting Compliment

Someone Who "Gets It"

Last night I had a nice compliment on my work. Not the usual comment about my use of color though.

This person said "when I see you paintings it reminds me of what I want to be doing this summer!"

I really liked that comment because I realized that this woman "gets my work".  I am not a ground breaking, cutting edge artist. I paint what I love; which is the land, the sky, the water, even architecture.

And in my work there are often traces of humanity and what we leave behind as we step out of the scene. Like our canoes resting on the shore taking a break while we explore an island. Or an Adirondack chair waiting in the yard while we retrieve our book, lemonade, sunblock, etc
A hammock just hangin' out by the water waiting for someone to plop down, swing back and forth and watch the leaves fluttering in the breeze.

It is my hope that the viewer sees themselves in these scenes and enjoys the moment captured in paint. And then I hope they let their imagination take over to write the rest of the story.

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