Friday, January 9, 2015

News From Windy Hill Studio … New Year, New Directions, New Art Shows!

Well here we are 9 days into 2015! It's cold and snowy outside but I'm in my nice warm studio making plans for the year at Windy Hill Studio. And with my new plans comes a couple of new classes as well…and this time I'm the student, not the teacher!

Next week I will begin a 12 week online Art Marketing class which I am really excited about. In addition to that I have registered for a Blogging class at the YMCA Downtown Writers Center. So, for a while I will have less time to paint, but should come away with some valuable information.

That doesn't mean you won't see my artwork though. I am part of the Winter Recipe show opening January 30 at the Syracuse Technology Garden and the Art of Winter Show at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton opening February 6. I still have a couple of pieces in the Snowy Splendor Show at the Onondaga Historical Association, which will be on display till March 30. And of course the Spring, Summer and Fall months are filled with shows (more on that later). 

For me the winter months are a time to re-charge, experiment and come up with some new ideas before my busy season, May through October begins. I'm currently teaching classes in Pastel and Drawing (using colored pencils, watercolor markers etc) and hope to incorporate some of those media into my watercolor and acrylic paintings. Teaching always keeps me fresh as I strive to find new ways to inspire my students. And as all teachers know…the teacher never walks away from a class without learning something themselves.

Got to go now, my studio calls…..

Happy New Year!

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