Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taste Some Samples of the Winter Recipe at the Syracuse Technology Garden

Towards the end of last year I was asked to participate in a group show at one of our alternative art spaces in Syracuse: the Technology Garden. Steve Nyland, the organizer of the show was offering the opportunity to all of the artists whose work he had planned to show at bc Restaurant. When bc's plans changed, ours did too, and thus was born the idea for the Winter Recipe Show. A large group of artists working in various media and styles coming together in one big mixture! 
I said yes to the offer without giving much thought to what I would exhibit. It's not that I don't have a lot of work, I just hadn't decided which group of paintings I would show. After some consideration I decided on what I loosely call my "Syracuse Paintings". They are for the most part inspired by the beautiful architecture found in many of the old buildings in downtown Syracuse. In the last few years many of these buildings have changed owners, changed their names, or found themselves transformed into chic new living spaces. But the architecture, the outward appearance, their appeal remains the same. And on a gorgeous sunny day, with the dappled sunlight and shadows of trees dancing across the surface, they are magnificent. 

Some of my favorite buildings in Downtown Syracuse are included in this group: the Gridley Building, the National Grid Building (still NiMo to me!), the building which used to house L'Adour Restaurant (now luxury condos) and Freedom of Expresso (when it had purple awnings). 

Included in my “Syracuse “ group are a couple of parade pictures. One is based on the Veterans Day Parade in 2008. I love the intensity of the color-guard flags and band uniforms, and the American flag suspended over Salina Street, held in place by City of Syracuse Firetrucks. The other parade painting is the Green Beer Parade on Tipperay Hill. Possibly our quirkiest event, it happens at the end of February and includes colorful bagpipers, Irish Dancers and the Green Beer Truck. Snow swirls around but the promise of Spring is in the air.

The Opening Reception for the Winter Recipe Show is January 29, 5:00 - 7:00. Come on down to the Syracuse Technology Garden to meet the artists and sample our Winter Recipe. 

And did you notice that none of my Winter Recipes paintings have a drop of snow???? Well, not the ones pictured here anyway. 

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