Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Green Beer Parade a Favorite

This blog post could be subtitled "Epilogue to the Winter Recipe  Show".

The Winter Recipe Art Show opened on Thursday at the Tech Garden to a large receptive group of friends, family, fellow artists and art collectors. I believe all 16 artists were present and had their pictures taken with the show's co-ordinator Steve Nyland who put his heart and soul into the endeavor.
You can look at my previous post for more information on how the show came together.

The show is a mixture of many different media and styles of art ranging from abstraction to traditional. My selection of  "Syracuse paintings" were well received especially the Still Ni Mo to Me pastel and the Green Beer Parade painting. I wish I had a jpeg of the NiMo (National Grid) building, but unfortunately that is one of the few paintings I do not have in a digital representation. I do have a jpeg of the Green Beer Parade and here it is!

Everyone contributed to the reception table which was loaded with healthy food on one side, cookies and goodies on the other. Wine in the middle. Naturally I worked my way across the whole table just as any painter works across the whole canvas. Yup, that's an artist joke.

If you haven’t seen the Winter Recipe show, by all means check it out! The Tech Garden is located at 235 Harrison St. in Downtown Syracuse. Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

And here is a link to Steve Nyland’s blog post with lots of photos from the opening reception. Enjoy!


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