Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time to Paint the Boldt Castle---Again

"Daybreak, Heart Island"   JOAN APPLEBAUM

Time To Paint the Castle---Again

Remember that commercial"time to make the donuts"? I find myself saying that as I once again paint Boldt Castle. The castle and its haunting story have captivated Thousand Islands tourists and residents for decades. And all of the artists have painted it from every imaginable angle.

I prefer the other structures on the Island, like the Power House, Playhouse and Entry Arch, so I tend to focus on one of those and paint the castle looming in the background.

The painting  "Daybreak, Heart Island" was done in watercolor taking advantage of the wet-on-wet technique to create a dreamy atmosphere. While I was working on the painting I began to wonder how to capture the same or similar effects in acrylic paint. 

So when I finished the watercolor I started work on the acrylic version. Same view, but different feel to the finished piece. I used a pumice medium to make a texture and give bits of light-colored paint somewhere to hold onto to create an almost 3-d look to the mist. This painting is now on its way to a new home in Alexandria Virginia. From Alexandria Bay to Alexandria Virginia! Rather poetic, or perhaps ironic. 

"Morning Mist, Heart Island"

And One More Time!

When both paintings were finished I drew the Power House and Castle one more time for the Bay House Artisans coloring book which will be available when we re-open Bay House in the Spring. You will find the work of several of our Bay House Artisans in the book.

Another Angle

And just to prove that I don't always paint the castle from the same angle I have included "Winter Closing In", now on display in The Art of Winter at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton.



  1. I absolutely LOVE these Boldt Castle paintings!!! My Fiance actually proposed to me just last August in front of the powerhouse. Now I am admiring Boldt Castle artwork because I am considering getting a piece for him for my wedding gift to him! :)

  2. I just saw your comment today--sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm happy that you like the Boldt Castle paintings. It is a romantic setting for a proposal or a wedding!