Friday, May 29, 2015

Lots of Art with Intermittent Kayaking!

Wow! Where has the week gone???

It's Friday night already and I all can remember from Memorial Day Weekend and the following week is....lots of Art with Intermittent Kayaking!

Last Friday night I attended the opening reception for the Spring Show at the Sackets Harbor Arts Center, where I won first place for "Invitation", pictured above.

On Saturday and Sunday I participated in the 2015 Artists' Studio Tour Along the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands and Surrounding Areas. I was the guest artist at The Lyric Coffeehouse in Clayton NY.

While at The Lyric I demonstrated watercolor...actually finished 3 paintings over the 2 -day event! I had lots of friends and relatives stop by to visit. Also quite a few people who had bought my paintings in other shows in the 1000 Islands area, stopped by to say hello.

All of the paintings shown at The Lyric that weekend were St. Lawrence River and Indian River Lakes scenes.

I was happy to sell quite a few prints and small framed pieces. My large original paintings were on display too, but they usually sell after after a customer has seen the work and then come back another time...or even two, to make sure they really want to buy. 

Hey What About the Kayaking???

After spending 2 days from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm painting and talking to customers, I was ready for a break. That's where the kayaking comes in! Luckily the rain held out till Monday, so I was able to paddle on Thursday, Friday (too tired on Saturday) Sunday and Monday before and after the rain. Also Tuesday morning.

I was also fortunate to have company that weekend who provided dinner for us on Saturday night. Thank you Beth, Randy and Rachael. (Randy is pictured with me above)

More Art (of course!)

Tuesday afternoon I worked my shift at Bay House Artisans in Alexandria Bay, (see related post below) and Wednesday back home to Syracuse to teach my Wednesday morning Drawing class at the Y. 
Wow what a whirlwind.

Where has the week gone?

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