Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's On My Desk at Windy Hill Studio?

What's on my desk at Windy Hill Studio?

Paintings! Postcards! and Plans! to name a few things. As Spring draws to a close and Summer kicks into full gear I find myself with a desk loaded with works-in-progress, and lots of plans for the next few months.

Oh and yes, there's a often a sleepy cat napping in the middle of everything: Tony DiNozzo Applebaum (yes he is named for the fictional NCIS agent) He's not much help in the studio but he seems to appreciate art.

I have 3 recently completed watercolors; Heading Home is pictured above. Some of the best views of our lake are from the vantage point of the kayaks. I took the photo reference for this piece as Rich and I were rounding the last bend on our way back to camp after an early evening paddle. The towering cliffs were just beginning to take on their rosy evening glow.

The other watercolors, a floral and a river scene are awaiting matts and frames. The floral "Red, White and Blue" is pictured below.

Acrylics too!

I also have a couple of acrylic paintings in progress: a still life of an old baseball glove and another version of our rosy evening cliffs on the lake. Images of those will be posted when they are done.
The baseball glove is earmarked for the Baseball Show coming up in Syracuse in August.


The postcards are for my upcoming show "Woodlands and Waterways" at the Sackets Harbor Arts Center in August. Opening reception is August 1, 1:00 - 4:00.


Always! I have had a couple of interesting offers for shows and partnering. It's all still in the planning stages now, so not much to tell just yet, except that the partnering would be with Syracuse Stage and the show will be at one of the SUNY Oswego Galleries in 2016.

One definite show is scheduled for December 2015 at the Unitarian/Universalist Church in Auburn.
And I'm on the planning committee for a big art/craft show scheduled for June 2016!

Can't Forget Lesson Plans

And of course there are lesson plans. Yep, I'm teaching art camp again this summer at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park. And also an adult class at Stone Quarry: Painting Land, Sky and Water in Pan Pastels. I will also be teaching the Pan Pastels class at the Thousand Islands Arts Center, as well as a Watercolor Class.

Plans???   Always.

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