Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Big Changes Coming Up for Windy Hill Studio! PART ONE



New House, New Studio

During the month of January my husband and I stayed at our new home in Lewes Delaware. I guess you could say that it was kind of like a trial run for when we actually move down there for good. We spent about half of our days working: Rich working remotely, connected to his engineering firm in Syracuse and me on artwork as I gear up for the summer tourist season along the St. Lawrence River.

Yes, although we are moving our primary residence to Delaware, we still plan to keep our camp in Northern New York., and spend summers there. And I am still planning on teaching at the Thousand Islands Arts Center and Sackets Harbor Arts Center, usually during July and August.

In our new (actually 16 year old) home my studio is located in what real estate agents would call the bonus room. I'm really lucky to have plenty of natural light streaming through large windows at one end of the studio. At the moment I have set up a temporary workspace for watercolor. At the other end of the studio Rich built a long worktable with storage space underneath. The space is perfect for working on long hand-painted scarves, or cutting matts. Lighting was added to brighten up that end of the room. 

A Door!!!

And the one thing I have not had here in my studio in East Syracuse is a DOOR! The studio here is a loft-type of space open to the upstairs. It makes for a nice light airy space, but with no doors its impossible to keep curious cats away from delicate projects. Now I can actually close a door---hooray! 

My cats are actually more interested in the door at the end of the room. That leads to an attic, where I can also store some large items.

This is actually the door to a crawlspace but you get the idea---cats hate to be on the wrong side of the door!

So When is Moving Day?

Not sure. Our house here in East Syracuse is going on the market soon. Let's hope for a speedy sale.
Anyone looking for a great home to raise a family? With an art studio/home office/hobby room? 


  1. So happy for you Joan! I hope your house sells smoothly! Love the new studio space. See you at the lake.

  2. Thanks Kathy! Can't wait to get back to the lake. "Sweet Caroline" (my kayak) is calling me.