Sunday, June 3, 2018

And We're on the Road Again...............

And it's back to camp-----

Well we had no sooner settled ourselves in Lewes Delaware, unpacked most of the boxes, arranged furniture, hung paintings and put the studio together--and it was time to hit the road again. We're heading north tomorrow to spend the summer at camp. The lake and surrounding areas like the Thousand Islands provide an unending source of inspiration for an artist, so as you can well imagine I am looking forward to getting back to Grass Lake. BUT my studio space is considerably smaller. It's actually half of a bedroom. I'm definitely squeezed for space in Windy Hill Studio North, but at least I can take a nap in the studio! I do have a good work table, small drafting table, easel, storage, a place to sit and read a book and a brand new sound system which I can't wait to try.

Acrylic paints are stored in the handy over-the-door storage bag.
The bag used to belong to my sons and was at one time stuffed with a bunch of Boy Scout stuff.

Under counter storage comes in handy for keeping clutter out of the way.

Yes, I still have a quiet spot for reading.

I'm going to miss my big studio, but the scenery at camp is worth the inconvenience of the smaller space. The lake has provided me with inspirations for many paintings over the years.

I'm hoping for another great summer on the lake!


  1. Indeed. A new view in Delaware and time with the old familiar beautiful north country. And maybe a visit to the old stomping grounds for a get together with friends. Or friends will come up to see you. All to the good. You will spread your good work and energy wherever you sit or read or or step or paint or nap. I love how you have a bed in the studio. Really a good use of space!!!
    Janet F.

    1. Thank you Janet! It's been a whirlwind the last few weeks and I am looking forward to having life slow down a bit--but not too much!