Sunday, February 12, 2012

"November", a new look at a familiar scene

Last month in a post titled "Seeing the Situation from a Different Angle", I posted a watercolor based on a scene that I came upon while hiking along the Indian River Lakes Conservancy Trails in November. I wanted to re-visit that scene in another painting, but try a different format for the composition. The first watercolor "Grass Lake Still Life" was done with a horizontal format, which enhanced the restful, serene quality of the painting. Minimal color and details, and repetition of flowing horizontal shapes added to the restful quality. In re-visiting the scene for a new watercolor, I opted for a vertical format which lends energy to the composition. There is also a bit more attention to detail and the colors are stronger. The scene is framed by the trees on either side providing a strong vertical contrast to the horizontal water and landforms.
The painting is titled "November".

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