Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Art Shows Opening this Weekend

I am exhibiting in several group shows throughout the months of February and March. Two of them are opening this weekend; Admire/Inspire, with Associated Artists at the Manlius Library and May Memorial Loves the Arts (aka the congregational show) at the May Memorial Gallery.
The Admire/Inspire show has an interesting theme; all of the artwork exhibited is inspired by the work of another artist. I am exhibiting a painting titled Veterans Day Parade 2008. My intent was to capture the excitement of a parade filled with people, colors, flags flying and bits of our downtown Syracuse architecture. As I was working on the painting I realized that the subject matter and colors and impressionistic style reminded me of the work of Childe Hassam, one of our American Impressionists. After a bit of research I found that he had painted several pieces with the theme of parades and flags flying throughout an impressionistic cityscape, creating a textured mosaic-like pattern on his canvas.
Stop by the Manlius Library this month to view the painting and to see what inspired everyone else.

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