Sunday, December 20, 2015

10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland, Day 6

"Winter Morning"

It's Day 6 of 10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland!

The 10 Days of snowscapes and other winter-related themes are dedicated to the folks who can't get into the Christmas spirit without a covering of snow on the ground.

Today we are in the woods, specifically in my backyard at camp. I woke up one morning to find the sunlight streaming through the trees and all sorts of gorgeous colors sparkling on the new fallen snow. I took a few reference photos and did a few sketches and a few days later began the painting.

I love finding the color in the winter; the long purple and blue shadows on the snow and bits of yellows and pinks sparkling in the sunlight. Unfortunately here in Central New York we seldom see the bright side of winter. We hardly ever get to ski with the sun on our backs. Instead we have low hanging gray clouds or no clouds at all just a dull sky and dead white snow. If we do see the sun, it is usually accompanied by frigid temperatures. And yes, this painting was inspired by one of those cold frigid North Country days.

This is one of my favorite winter paintings and it recently sold which makes me happy that someone else likes it enough to buy it.

A couple of years ago I posted a lesson to my painting students at the Y Arts Studio who had seen me begin this painting but did not get to see the finished piece as I was putting it in the Art of Winter Show at the Thousand Islands Arts Center. You can read more about the technical aspects of the piece at the  link below.

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