Thursday, December 17, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art: 10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland, Day 3

"On the Eagle Marsh Trail"

It's Day 3 of Walking in the Winter Wonderland!

So for all of you who can't get into the Christmas spirit unless the ground is covered in snow, Windy Hill Studio takes you "On the Eagle Marsh Trail". 

A few years ago my husband and I took a winter hike with the Indian River Lakes Conservancy in the area near Butterfield Lake and Lake of the Woods. It was a mild day with just enough snow to make the scenery interesting. Since the snow covering was sparse we were able to view moss and other hearty vegetation along the way. (The following year we hiked with the Conservancy in freezing cold weather and continuous snowfall which was a much different experience!)

The trail went through the woods, around some interesting rock formations and eventually led us to a spot where if you looked very closely you could spot an eagle's nest. 

After hiking back to the beginning of the trail we were treated to hot chocolate and s'mores as we gathered around the campfire.

Painting the Eagle Marsh Trail

One of the things I liked best about working on this painting is the opportunity to add other colors to the winter landscape. The warm colors of the green moss and red-brown dirt provide a nice contrast to the cool winter colors in the snow and in the background. The colors of the trees in the foreground were made by using all of the other colors in the painting in various amounts; sometimes mixing, sometimes using straight from the tube, creating a series of lively neutrals instead of pure brown or gray. 

The trees and sky in the background are painted in cool blues and purples which recede and create a sense of distance. 

What's in store for Day 4?  It's time for a touch of brilliant color so tomorrow I'll feature the Cardinals! 

I have 3 different cardinal paintings, so I'll keep you guessing as to which one will be spotlighted as we continue Walking in the Winter Wonderland.

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