Monday, December 21, 2015

10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland, Day 7

"Grass Lake DPW"

It's Day 7 of 10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland. 

Yesterday we were in the woods and we still haven't gotten out of the woods yet! Grass Lake DPW was inspired by an old jeep sitting in the woods at camp. The jeep was just up the hill on an neighbor's property. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, it never seemed to move and then one day to was gone. But not before I had a chance to paint it!

I really liked the way the jeep looked half buried in the snow. During the rest of the year it looked broken down and scary, and I'm pretty sure I saw a jeep just like it in one of those "Jason slasher" movies, but in the winter it just looked like it was taking a nap. The snow hides a host of evils!

Like many of my winter paintings I am trying to find the color in the snow. It's late in the day in this picture, the woods are turning shades of purple and blue and the snow in the foreground is mainly in shadow.

Although I had this painting in a few exhibits I never thought it would appeal to many people -unless they happened to have an old jeep in their woods! 

Of all of my paintings this was my brother's favorite. During the last year of his life he was nearly house-bound and spent much of his time on the computer. He frequently shared images from my website with his healthcare workers and with friends who stopped to visit. Two friends in particular who are husband and wife were a huge help to him and as luck would have it they actually have an old jeep in their woods. And they loved the painting. So two years ago today I surprised them with the painting. I think "Grass Lake DPW" has found a good home.

Tomorrow we head to Green Lakes. See you then!

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