Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art: 10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland, Day 2


It's Day Two of 10 Days of Walking in the Winter Wonderland! And still no snow in sight around here.

Today's painting "Wintering"comes from camp, and it's the second time I have used it in a blog post. 

While on a winter hike around the lake we came upon this camp nestled in the trees. The sunlight pouring through the trees and casting long purple and blue shadows convinced me that the scene needed to be painted. And I loved the pattern of snow on the dock and the big blue barrels holding it up! I took a few photo references and began the painting a few days later. 

While working on the painting I was fairly faithful to the color of the camp--mint green, but later changed the color to a red brown. The mint green was throwing off the color harmony and the composition by drawing your eyes directly to the camp instead of the foreground which I felt was much more interesting. I did leave a bit of the mint green color which glows through the red/brown here and there if you look closely at the painting.

Tomorrow we head to the Eagle Marsh Trail. See you then!

If you missed Day 1 you can click on the link below

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