Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art Goes Green - The Beach at Dingle

Today is day 3 of my blog "Going Green" in honor of St. Patrick's Day. This painting comes to you from Dingle, and I'm sure you have noticed there is absolutely no green in this image. But it is Ireland!

In my opinion Dingle is one of the most scenic areas in Ireland with long fingers of land reaching out into the sea, and misty islands appearing, then disappearing as the fog shifts. Frequently a light rain blows in from the sea, washes the land and then quickly blows back out to sea, leaving behind misty droplets of water hanging in the air. Heavy clouds hang over the land, but the sun peaks through, casting dramatic shadows everywhere.

On the day we stopped at this beach a group of German tourists had just finished surfing and were enjoying a picnic lunch as they packed up their van. I had never thought of Ireland as a "beach destination", but evidently some areas along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula is ideal for surfing.

I was completely taken by the quality of shimmering light, not just on the water but all around us. My goal in painting this picture was to capture that quality of light and atmosphere. Details are minimal. This painting is all about glowing light and shimmering water.

If you are interested in learning about how I achieved the effects of light and atmosphere you might wanted to check out the related post below.

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