Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art Goes Green - Blarney With Bridget

Today is day 10 of my blog "going green" in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and it's time for 
Blarney With Bridget. 

A bit of the Blarney

Just down the road from the Rock of Cashel, sits the remains of an ancient abbey. Cows wander about munching on Ireland's green, green grass and poking their heads through the arches of the silent tomb-like building. 

I met Bridget while I was taking photos of the ruins. She came up behind me, silent as a submarine and scared the hell out of me. After the initial scare we discovered that we got along just fine. She kept me company for a while and told me her life (so far) story. She was actually born in England and was named LuLu. But she grew tired of England's incessant rain. Evidently she didn't know that it rains in Ireland too…hence the green, green grass. 

LuLu journeyed to Ireland, taking the ferry from Guernsey to Dublin. She then walked to Cashel, found a lovely spot to call home and changed her name to Bridget. She has adapted well to her adopted home and has even been known to moo with an Irish brogue.

Bridget loves long strolls in the fields, fiery sunsets and a wee bit of the Baileys every now and then.

Bridget…the painting

Bridget was painted as an experimental piece using Pan Pastels on LeCarte pastel paper. The Pan Pastels lend a soft dreamy quality, but are really not the best choice for the rough LeCarte paper. The sponge applicator was ripped to shreds by the time I finished but my students enjoyed the demo. Or perhaps they enjoyed watching their teacher do something really dumb. I finished the piece using strokes of color with traditional stick pastels to define lines and shapes, adding a bit more depth to the piece.

I think it's good for students to see the teacher occasionally make a mistake, and then figure out how to "save" a piece. 

"Going Green" 

For the last 10 days I have been posting Irish themed art on my blog. 
If this is your first visit to my blog and you like the Irish theme I am working with you might want to take a look at my posts from the last dew days.

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