Monday, March 9, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art Goes Green - Dingle: Land, Sky and Water

Today's Irish painting comes to you from Dingle, and it's another beach scene. I had never considered Ireland a beach destination, until I got to the Dingle Peninsula. 10 miles wide, it runs 40 miles from one end to the other, and is the westernmost part of Ireland. As the saying goes, "the next parish over is Boston".

Some of Dingle's beaches are ringed by rocky cliffs, but this beach happened to be wide open. It was just down the road from our B&B. We had arrived in Dingle at night and had no idea what type of scenery would greet us in the morning. We were pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful beach. The tide was going out but there was still plenty of water on the sand to catch the reflections of the magnificent clouds above. The beach seemed to stretch on for quite a distance and behind us were the mountains. Amazing.

This scene was painted with Pan Pastels. You can read more about Pan Pastels on the related link below.

This is day 9 of my artist blog "going green" in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

If this is your first visit to my blog and you like the Irish theme I am working with here you might be interested in some of the posts from the last few days, March 1 - 8. You should be able to access those posts from the links below.

I will be posting Irish themed paintings till March 17.

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