Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Joan Applebaum Art Goes Green - Connemara Mist

Well I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's bit of blarney with Bridget, the Holy Cow. This is the season for blarney isn't it?  And Bridget is really one to spin a good yarn. She talked my ears off!

Connemara Mist (sounds like an Irish whiskey)

I'm back on a more serious note for today's Irish painting which comes from misty, moody Connemara. I love the rugged beauty of Connemara; the barren mountains (bens) which appear when the mist clears, and then disappear again when the next mist blows in from the sea. Lakes and streams wind their way through the bens becoming almost silver in the misty glow.

The backroads in Connemara are as narrow as cow paths with high hedgerows on either side. We were lucky to find a few places to pull the car over and get out to enjoy the views.

Painting Connemara's Mist

On a misty day in Connemara the clouds hang so low it feels like you can touch them. Trying to capture this feeling on a 2-dimensional surface proved to be a challenge. I needed to find a way to add a little dimension and texture to the piece. 

After I had painted in the sky, land and water, I added some Golden Pumice Medium to the surface of the painting. After the pumice medium dried, I scumbled and dry brushed some light values (whites, light violets, blues and greens) across the roughed-up surface. It did the trick, adding an extra layer of texture and depth to the piece.

"Going Green" It's Day 11 !!!

Everyday since March 1, I have been posting Irish themed art on my blog in honor of St. Patrick's Day. If this is your first visit to my blog and you like the Irish theme, you might want to look at some posts from the past few days. I will keep posting Irish art till March 17!


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